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French-Vietnamese Inspired Cuisine


Élyse seeks to provide a unique dining experience to downtown San Jose.

Please join us for some exceptionally

crafted dishes prepared by Chef Baoky. We expect that you will be amazed

at the cuisine and libations experienced.

Élyse is a family owned business and was started with a vision of

providing a unique culinary experience

marrying the dishes and flavors

of Chef Baoky's culinary expertise of traditional French cuisine he gained from growing up and working in Belgium. 

Every dish is crafted with the intention

of the dining experience. You will find no TV's at Élyse because we believe that our dining experience is the main attraction.

The experience does not stop with

the cuisine as Élyse offers a full bar.

Whether one is searching for an exceptional wine to compliment their dishes, a delicious crafted cocktail, or a refreshing beer, Élyse has all and more.

Our waitstaff are eager to direct guests through the entire dining experience

and will provide you with all the

information you need to enjoy

your meal to the fullest extent. 


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